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The importance of inspiring, developing and retaining your workforce cannot be over-estimated.  Reward and revitalise your people with Outdoor Nation Adventure Training.


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Outdoor Nation Adventure Training

Here at Outdoor Nation, we believe in the combined power of adventure and nature to bring out the very best in people - revitalising and motivating them, building confidence and resilience, developing teamwork and leadership, and rewarding them for their hard work and loyalty.  Read more about the benefits of being active outdoors here

Grenville Chaganis - Founder of Outdoor Nation

"In these days of increased isolation and pressures on the workforce, the importance of bringing our employees together to connect, learn and have fun has never been so relevant"

LT COL GRENVILLE CHAGANIS - Founder of Outdoor Nation

Employee Wellbeing

It is an unassailable fact that being active outdoors plays a vital role in improving our physical and mental health. The body of evidence that underpins this is well-established.  Supporting and encouraging your employees to be more active outdoors should be a key part of your wellbeing strategy

Employee Training

Countless studies also show that stretching ourselves through Adventure equips us with the tools we need to be better at our jobs and better able to cope with the challenges that life throws at us.  Consider the origins of the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, Outward Bound, Army Adventurous Training and many more - they all began with the aim of building resilience, teamwork and leadership. These qualities are essential, particularly in times of rapid change and uncertainty, and they should be core tenants of your Training and Development strategy

Our Packages

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3-hour all-staff training session inspiring an active outdoor lifestyle through a team hiking event.

Woman with Paddle


4-part programme building confidence, teamwork and leadership through hiking, biking, paddling and climbing.


From only



Al staf training session
Person holding a presentation


Reading a Map


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Collection of Trophies


Our All-Staff training session is a 3 hour interactive group experience for your whole staff, which can be run in its own right or as part of a staff training day. 

The group will hear all about the benefits of being active outdoors, including practical tips for how adventure and nature can support their wellbeing and help develop confidence, teamwork and leadership. 

After a short safety and skills session the group will take part in an orienteering-style hike in the local area.  They will work as teams, using a map to navigate and picking up clues along the way. 

On return we celebrate their successes and encourage them to seek further opportunities to invest in their health, wellbeing and personal development through the power of nature and adventure . 


Up to 30 staff


30-60 staff


Armed Forces Covenant Scheme

We are proud to offer a 10% discount for companies that are part of the Armed Forces Covenant Scheme

*Prices include:

  • Basic instruction and marked maps and compasses for each team

  • Prizes for the winning team members

  • A framed Ordinance Survey wall map of the local area for display in the office

  • A personalised Outdoor Nation URL to show staff where they can get active outdoors locally

Adventure Training Programme



From only




Session One

Couple Biking


Session Two

Paddling on a Lake


Session Three

Preparing to Climb


Session Four

Our Adventure Training programme consists of 4 half-day sessions for a group of 6 or 12 employees. The sessions are scheduled to fit around your business. 

The group is led throughout by an experienced military leader, ensuring that the golden threads of teamwork, leadership and self-confidence run through the whole programme. 

Each session takes place at a different outdoor venue near to your business, with equipment and tuition delivered by local outdoor professionals. 

The 4 sessions cover basic technical and safety skills and provide fun and engaging opportunities for building confidence, developing teamwork and leading others.

The benefit to your company will be a reconnected, higher performing group of employees who feel reinvigorated and valued, with a new-found interest in getting more active outdoors more often...



6 people


12 people

Armed Forces Covenant Scheme

We are proud to offer a 10% discount for companies that are part of the Armed Forces Covenant Scheme

*Prices include:

  • Instruction and equipment for all 4 activity sessions (Hiking, Biking, Paddling and Climbing)

  • Confidence building, team building and leadership development exercises throughout

  • Complementary hot and cold refreshments before and after each session

How it works

Here's How It Works


Complete the form below to register your interest.


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  • How do I create my Outdoor Nation profile?
    It's really simple to create your free profile. Click 'get started' and you'll be prompted to create a log-in for the site, if you have not already done so. Once signed in you will be taken to a simple form that provides the input for your profile. We will then get in touch within 24hrs to verify your details, ask a few questions and finalise your profile. You can amend your profile at any time by getting in touch.
  • How do I link my profile to activity locations on Outdoor Nation?
    On completion of your profile, we'll discuss with you which locations on our activity map you want your profile to be linked to.
  • How will customers book my services?
    We are not a booking platform. We signpost our users to you through your profile, which will have all your contact details and links to your website or online location of choice.
  • What do my Outdoor Nation monthly insights show me?
    From April to September we will get in touch with you monthly about general trends in your area and an update on your specific activities and details of how many people have clicked on your profile.
  • How do you promote me on Social Media?
    We will officially welcome and introduce you as a partner on our social media platforms and across our growing network. We will continue to promote any exciting news about you if there is anything you specifically want us to plug then just get in touch.
  • Can I suggest other activity locations for Outdoor Nation to include?
    Yes please. If places that you operate are not represented on the map then let us know and we'll look to get them on asap.
  • How much does it cost to be listed on Outdoor Nation
    Listing on Outdoor Nation is free. We do this because we want all outdoor providers to be listed for the benefit of our users. In the future there may be options for providers to pay for premium services, including marketing boosts and recommended listings.
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