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Our Mission

For everyone to benefit from outdoor adventure activities – wherever they live, whatever their abilities and whatever their backgrounds.

Grenville Chaganis
Founder of Outdoor Nation

Grenville Chaganis - Founder of Outdoor Nation

Grenville passionately believes that being active in the outdoors is the best tonic for mind, body and soul.  You don't need to be an expert; in fact, for most people, there is greater reward in having a range of low-level experience, skills and, above all, a bit of confidence!  It's so gratifying to be able to say "sure, I'll go walking with you and I know how to read a map and look after myself", and "yes, let's go for a climb and I know how to tie myself in and belay you", and " of course I can join you on the canal for a canoe trip and I'm confident with what I'm doing".  None of these things are hard to do to a respectable standard - you just have to give them a go and be willing to learn new skills.

From a very young age Grenville was motivated by the opportunities and freedoms that come from an active life in the outdoors.  22 years as an officer in the Royal Gurkha Rifles regiment provided further opportunity to explore the outdoors, lead and instruct soldiers in what the Army calls 'Adventurous Training', and take part in a variety of expeditions across the world.  With a master's degree focused on the benefits of outdoor learning, Grenville left the Army with a vision of making outdoors adventure activities more accessible across the UK.  He is never happier than seeing the joy and visible growth in confidence of someone who has stepped outside of their comfort zone to achieve something new.  Outdoor Nation is his way of helping people to do just that.

About Outdoor Nation - Mountain climber



The UK has wonderful countryside, with opportunities around every corner to explore, to connect with nature and to get active - from rivers, canals and coastlines to parks, forests, mountains and wilderness.  We also have a long history of adventure, a strong connection with the outdoors and a thriving outdoor industry.


Despite all this, there remain countless barriers to people getting active outdoors in the UK. People worry about safety, or their ability, or the cost, or even that it will not be a welcoming experience for someone with their background or from their community.  But, above all, many people simply do not know how or where to start - and that is where we come in!




Outdoor Nation is at the start of an exciting journey to creating a gateway for people getting started with outdoor adventure activities - including walking, canoeing, paddle-boarding, rock climbing, mountain biking, wild swimming and more. 


Across the UK, we will help people discover what there is to do based on their needs and ability, and then provide all the information and connections needed to get out and do it.  Whether people are self-guided and just looking for inspiration, or whether they need to hire equipment or book a session with one of our partners - there is something for everyone!


We will also continue to work alongside communities, charities and outdoor industry partners to open up the outdoors to newcomers, breaking down some of the barriers that are preventing people from getting involved.




  • Use our site to make your plans, share it with people you know and give us your feedback.

  • If you are in a community that faces barriers to being active outdoors, then reach out and tell us how we can help.

  • If you are an outdoors professional, then join us on our mission and become one of our trusted partners.

  • Above all, take an active interest in our journey and get yourselves out on some adventures.

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