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Total Immersion

Open Water Swim Coach

Total Immersion

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Swim at Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool

Swim at Petersfield Open Air Swimming Pool

About Us

James is a technical swim coach and video analysis specialist. He is a certified level 3.0 Total Immersion Swim Coach and an STA level 2 Open Water Swim Coach.

People often over complicate swimming. James keeps things simple and encourages you to get the fundamentals right before thinking about small details.

His video analysis skills are are invaluable for helping swimmers understand their stroke and become smarter, more efficient swimmers.

​James is also a specialist in the prevention of shoulder injuries in swimmers through ensuring a safe range of movement.

James is passionate about helping swimmers achieve their goals.
He coaches at 25m pools in Chichester, West Sussex, Petersfield, Hampshire and in London Bridge.

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