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Midlands Open Water

Midlands Open Water

Open Water Swimming Club


April - September

A private, family-owned lake with an open water swimmers club which offers open water swimming lessons and member swimming.

We have been voted the original and best open water swim venue in the Midlands for 3 years running.
Being a family owned private venue, we offer all the love, care and support you need, whether you are training for an ironman or want to try and bit open water swimming for the first time.

Our lake is completely natural with no added chemicals and in the 7 years we have been open no signs of swimmers itch! The lake is sloped all the way in and all the way out, no dropping off an edge, ease yourself in and get used to the water slowly.

There are 2 courses, a 650m and a 300m, both marked out by large yellow bouys with easy access to the edge should you need a rest or even fancy a walk back.

Contact Details

07399 776229

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