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Central SUP

Paddle Boarding Club

Central SUP
Paddle Boarding

Open all season (Sundays only in Winter)

Where we operate

Paddle on the River Tame and Cliff Lakes

Paddle on the River Tame and Cliff Lakes

About Us

Central SUP school is a flagship ASI accredited SUP school delivering world class quality lessons to our clients. Central SUP will start you on your journey of discovery from the first time you stand to being able to paddle competently and independently.

Our lessons are unique in that you can start at almost any level of experience and gain the ASI SUP Wise Activ qualification. The ASI SUP Wise Activ qualification will provide skills development and “must know” knowledge that is essential to paddle safely, efficiently and without undue fatigue to maximise the fun with your paddling experiences.

We also paddle on the River Tame which runs alongside the lakes. Paddling on a river can be an exciting experience but you need to know how to do it safely. The river rat lesson is designed to do exactly that, we will give you the skills and knowledge required to get on the river and paddle.

We believe that Paddleboarding is literally a life changing experience, so why not come and begin that experience with us. Our lessons operate at different levels of ability from Beginner to Advanced.

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